To tap dance or not….

Have you thought recently about your dreams, the wishes that rest in your heart and soul waiting for a burst of courage or time or energy to make them come true? Recently I was delighted to meet up with a former colleague at a gathering in the country. Over savory chili,  cornbread, and salads, I asked her what she has been doing since she retired.  I knew her to be a creative and adventurous person, but her answer surprised me. She said she took tap dance lessons because she had always dreamed of tap dancing on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum on Thanksgiving Day. In order to fulfill this dream she needed to learn the craft. Interestingly, after several lessons she decided she really didn’t care much for tap dancing. She graciously chose to let go of her dream, knowing she had given it a try. She was at peace with her decision and has moved on to other interesting goals. Ah ha!  We can let go of a dream and there is no need for disappointment. This was a healthy discovery.

The amazing freedom of retirement allows the mind to wander into nooks and crannies where we discover all sorts of things we’ve always wanted to do or be. That list is likely to include far more than anyone could manage in a lifetime. Thanks to my friend for sharing her story and reminding me that effort counts, we should use our time wisely, and flexibility is important. Above all, we should be joyfully courageous and step out there, in tap shoes or not!