It’s Tuesday…

at my favorite grocery store. I love shopping on Tuesdays.  The pace is slow, classic hits from the sixties play on the loudspeaker, and friendly folks chat in the baking aisle about new bread recipes. They ask the butcher for special cuts of meat and report news of kids and grandkids. Lines form at the free sample carts where tiny bites of new products await the hungry shoppers. People gather around the showcase in the fresh fish department. They study the piles of shrimp and compare signs to find out which specimens are wild caught and which are farm raised. Some gaze at the donut case in sheer pleasure and finally select one yummy treat to enjoy with their afternoon coffee.

The aisles are full of ladies and gentlemen with beautiful pure white hair, modern dyed hair, and everything in between. Some customers leave  walkers at the door, as the grocery cart is a wonderful “walker in disguise.” You see, older adults get a five percent discount on Tuesdays!

Today I noticed two young college students among the elders. They stood out notably. Each held a large pile of assorted packages in outstretched arms. The colorful boxes and bags reached nearly to their chins. I couldn’t resist speaking to them. “Girls, did you forget to get a shopping cart?” They laughed and responded, “We didn’t plan ahead.” I assured them that they still had room for a few more items on top. Later I saw they had made it successfully to the checkout counter where everything had spilled onto the conveyor belt. They were still smiling, chattering, and laughing.

Who needs to plan ahead? All we need is a joyful spirit and strong arms.

Psalm 118: 24   This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”