Published in 1905, the following brief prayer for the day catches my attention:

“Heavenly Father, I pray for the restoration of my lost sense of wonder. I have ceased to wonder at Thy mercies, and the riches of Thy grace. Renew the lost power. May I see the wonderful in the commonplace, and may my daily bread move me into fervent praise.”

The simple, commonplace of life can lead us to wild and glorious praise. At least, that’s how I picture “fervent.” The thesaurus adds other dimensions: eloquent, zealous, passionate. But why do we lose that sense of wonder referenced in the prayer? Are we busy, distracted, worried about the future? This prayer is a call to open the windows, let the fresh air in, hear the birds chirping and feel the warmth of sunlight. It’s time to take in the goodness. May wonder and awareness of God’s mercies prompt you today to feel something very special and to rejoice. Maybe even sing and dance!

source of prayer: Jowett, J.H. Yet Another Day. London: F. H. Revell Company, 1905.

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