Our nation is perched on a shaky limb, moving day by day in the direction of stability. An unpredictable populist president will leave office and a politician with years of working together with leaders of various persuasions will step up. This is a man who promotes swift action to control the health crisis, strengthen the economy, and curtail damage to the planet, a man who understands the lives of everyday people, a man with a trained educator as First Lady and a Vice President of notable experience and vigor. He has already engaged our trust. It will be a refreshing change for the country and the world.

May we move peacefully into this change. May the people who have been innocently mislead by wild claims of the out-going leader come graciously to see the truth. May we as Americans understand the same essential realities, while sharing our diverse viewpoints and finding solutions together. May respect for others be primary. May love of nation and fellow countrymen rise above anger and resentment. May those who have been dealt a hand of prosperity share generously with those whose cards have not yielded abundance. May our new leader and his team be blessed with wisdom. May we all be safe from harm. And may the man who is about to step away from the oval office discover a small inner light of goodness in his heart. May this light spread to others across the nation and bring us healing.

This is a lot to ask….but it is my fervent prayer today.

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