More then ten thousand Americans turn sixty-five each day. That’s a lot of people. Some still work at full-time jobs. Others volunteer at the local school, public library, or food bank. Some take courses to learn new skills, to reinvent themselves, or simply to use their brains. Others care for family elders or young grandchildren. The impressive factor is that they are healthier and better educated than any previous generation of Americans and they are motivated to make a positive contribution to the world around them. This is quite a force!

I have been reading and inquiring about what all these older adults are doing. I am in fact one of them. Amazing real-life stories fill the pages in my head. An elementary teacher tutors children in after-school homework sessions; dentists, doctors, and nurses offer healing to the poor in developing countries; a pharmacist serves meals to the homeless in an inner city ministry; a corporate project manager accompanies middle school students on a bus en route to after-school activities, an entrepreneur transports college athletic teams to sports events; a psychologist helps manage a food bank. These folks are all retired! To be sure, they are not sitting around in rocking chairs.

God wants us to live life to the fullest at every age!

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